Hair & Makeup Ibiza - Destination Wedding Makeup Artist

Hi, I'm Ruthie, welcome to my personal Hair & Makeup haven here in Ibiza, where sophistication meets glamour, both in Ibiza and beyond.  As your dedicated makeup artist, I bring years of expertise from global commercial projects and glamorous celebrity collaborations to ensure you shine as the star you truly are.

Becoming a go-to for stunning Ibiza weddings, specialising in hair and makeup artistry for all skin tones and hair types, my mission is to transform you into the glowing goddess of your dreams, embracing a touch of Ibiza luxury. Picture flawless, natural-looking skin and makeup that accentuates your unique style with that high-end touch.

Whether you're a bride seeking perfection for your Ibiza nuptials or part of a production team in need of an expert makeup artist, I've got you covered. From bridal beauty to captivating photoshoots and editorial projects, my artistry covers it all.

Reach out today and let's create some magic....

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